Custom Engineered Explosion Proof Cleaning Systems


  • Application: cleaning and de-icing of equipment and walkways on offshore oil rig (avail up to 10gpm/5000psi/144kw) FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION: The EOS429K448AS-EX1 600 explosion-proof, hot water pressure washer is designed to provide pressurized hot water, under controlled conditions, for the task of cleaning or de-icing of material surfaces while operating in hazardous location environments with ambient temperatures ranging from -40

Standard Equipment

  • 200 ft. x 1/2 in. inner diameter high pressure wash hose mounted on 225 ft. capacity, powder coat painted high pressure hose reel with 5000 psi rated stainless steel swivel, 42" high pressure wand, trigger gun and nozzle selection.
  • JBEW explosion-proof control box with reset (manual/anti-freeze) /off/auto control switch, emergency shutdown push button, motor/heater control, intrinsically-safe circuit and 1-1/2" sweep elbow with certified explosion-proof seal.
  • Belt-driven, oil-bath triplex plunger pump with pressure regulator, thermo shield pump protection system, liquid-filled pressure gauge and #316 stainless steel belt guard - mounted on galvanized drip-proof base.
  • Direct-driven centrifugal feed pump with by-pass.
  • 10 h.p. explosion-proof high-pressure pump motor - min IP55, 1800 rpm, 1.15 service factor.
  • 5 h.p. explosion-proof centrifugal pump motor - IP55, 3600 rpm, 1.15 service factor.
  • Weather-tight and insulated system enclosure with #316 stainless steel side and bottom panels, access doors and tapered roof with drain gutter, and Marine-grade hardware.
  • Manually activated winterizing system with control valve and anti-freeze reservoir.