VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Systems

A PSC VFD Cleaning System provides the versatility and reliability demanded for today’s toughest cleaning applications. Designed for multi-user environments, a VFD-series system can be built to meet specific design and performance requirements, ensuring maximum productivity and cost-effective cleaning time and again



  • VFD BENEFITS: Energy savings
  • Extended pump, motor, and system components life.
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Overall Operational Savings
  • Real-time system monitoring and control (wash station duty cycle/activity, low inlet water supply and system pressure loss shutdown, and high water temperature shutdown)
  • Compact and versatile design allows for installation in virtually any location/environment
  • Systems designed/built to application requirements - provides for increased productivity
  • Optional water quality (total displaced solids) and temperature monitoring available
  • VFD increases or decreases pump/motor speed to meet the demands of single and or multiple users

Standard Equipment

  • Belt-driven, industrial-duty plunger or piston pump with multi-gun pressure regulator, pilot-activated flow switch, factory-set pressure relief valve and liquid-filled pressure gauge
  • VFD controller with performance display screen
  • Premium-efficiency, inverter-duty motor (IP55, Class B temp. rise, Class F insulation, 40ยบ C ambient temp. design)
  • I/O/M (Installation/Operation/Maintenance) manual




Common Factory Options

Part # Description
SRA Surge Relief Assembly (for installation on water supply line when backflow preventer or check valve present)
LWPP Low Inlet Water Pressure Protection with illuminated reset button
ETM Hour Meter
CLS Cleaning Station assembly with 1/2
CS-1 Chemical Injection Station with adjustable chemical injector, wash/rinse control valve and swivel connection
2G40 Additional G40 heater with extended frame for a total BTUH input of 790,000