Parts & Accessories

PSC stocks a full assortment of after market parts and accessories.  Click on the image below to open our Parts & Accessories Guide. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our customer service desk (

PSC Parts & Accessory Guide   

Table of contents: pg. 2
Trigger Guns: pg. 3-4
Lances: pg. 4
Lance Assemblies/ Nozzles: pg. 5
Hose Assemblies: pg. 6-7
Hose Reels: pg. 7-8
Chemical Injectors, Applicators & Strainers: pg. 9
Connectors & Swivels: pg. 10
Ball Valves & Ball Valve Assemblies: pg. 10-11
Pressure Regulators & Unloaders: pg. 11-12
Flow & Pressure Switches, Pressure Gauges: pg. 12
Drive Components/ Temperature Controllers/ Accumulators/ Pulsation Dampeners: pg. 13
Strainers & Filters/ Lubricants/ Misc. Accessories: pg. 14
GENERAL Plunger Pumps: pg. 15-16
CAT Plunger Pumps: pg. 17-20
CAT Piston Pumps: pg. 20-22
PRATASSOLI Plunger Pumps: pg. 22-23
Technical Data: pg.24
PSC’s Equipment Overview: pg. 25