Trailer Mounted Cleaning Systems

OilSands High pressure cleaning system. For heavy equipment cleaning. Undercarriage Bitumen removal/ reduces maintenance & service issues and extends the life of company vehicles.

Rated: 8gpm @ 3000psi with Dual Coil 72 kw electric heat exchanger and 2 pumping systems (1 primary, 1 back-up) System comes with 2 units mounted in an enclosed trailer, fully plumbed and wired.







  • On site trailer mount systems with built in pump redundancy- single or multi-gun systems
  • Trailer fully plumbed and wired
  • Trailer complete with Thermostatically controlled space heaters
  • completely separate and Fully approved electrical room
  • For year round use, regardless of weather conditions
  • System designed/built to application requirements- provides for increased productivity


  • Unique and reliable design - CSA approved
  • environmentally friendly-no exhaust fumes or open flame
  • fully automatic start / stop circuit controlled by trigger gun activation
  • instant hot pressurized water-no warm up time required
  • large 140 gallon heat exchanger tank allows for continuous recovery to maintain optimum performance
  • #316 stainless steel heat exchanger coils
  • no hard water scale buildup or heater element burnout as no direct immersion of elements allowed into water being pumped
  • upstream chemical injection
  • adjustable high temperature limit control
  • low water cutoff in heat exchanger tank
  • transfer fluid in heat exchanger treated to prevent galvanic action
  • thermal blanket lined tank provides almost 100% energy input/output efficiency (all power is used to heat water)
  • automatic high temperature shut down (thermo probe) for pump protection
  • cold water through pump for long life
  • available in 48, 72, 96 & 115 kW configurations with working pressures of up to 5000 psi